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Tourists are most welcome back!

The government said a few days ago that with effect beginning October 15, 2021 issuing fresh tourist visas to foreigners who arriving in India via chartered flights only beginning November 15, 2021 regular tourist flights will start. Per the plan, free visas to the… Continue Reading “Tourists are most welcome back!”

Will be India reopen soon?

Ministry of Tourism in its most recent statement has made a big announcement, informing that India is planning to reopen its international borders for the scheduled flights soon. India has established an air bubble arrangement with a total of 18 countries, and 49 cities… Continue Reading “Will be India reopen soon?”

Vaccination in India Yesterday, 28th May 2020, Indian government reiterated that aims to vaccinate the entire country by the end of this year. Health Ministry has given a blueprint: 108 crore (1,08 bilion) vaccinated people with two doses till December 2021.

What is the greatest happiness in our lives? When we meet such a great life partner, right? Equally important is having a good doctor, a lawyer and …… Definitely a great vet!Go to Pet’s Paradise by Dr. Ami Sanghavi! She is loving and professional… Continue Reading “”