British PM Boris Johnson will meet with PM Narendra Modi in Delhi on 25 April.

British Prime minister Boris Johnson’s curtailed visit to India will start on April 25 and will include discussions on vaccine collaboration, climate action and future free trade agreement.

New curfew in Maharashtra

The rapid spread of Covid-19 finally forced the Uddav Thackeray government to announce lockdown-like restrictions across the state from 8pm on Monday. Malls, restaurants and theatres to shut till April 30, full lockdown on weekends.

India already started with masive vaccination in January 2021. First-line employees were vaccinated as a first, second-grades 60+ and polymorbid 45+. Since April the public 45+ has been vaccinated and all of citizens vaccination is coming soon.

India vaccinates Covishield vaccine, which is originally AstraZeneca. It is manufactured at The Serum Institute of India in Pune which is the largest producer of serum in the world.